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ATP and Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Tests

What are they? How can I pass?

Airline Transport Pilots and Aircraft Dispatchers must pass FAA knowledge tests conducted at computerized testing centers. These tests involve a great deal of preparation for the applicant planning to take the test. Many options for studying and learning the material exist. 

Aspiring Airline Transport Pilots must pass the ATP Knowledge Test, and Aircraft Dispatcher applicants must pass the ADX Knowledge Test. Both tests require a 70% or greater score to pass.

Highly recommend for test preparation for either test is Sheppard Air. They help applicants understand and learn required material necessary to pass the ATP or ADX knowledge tests.

Other resources include videos from my own YouTube channel, which help explain concepts on the ATP and ADX knowledge tests. These videos are NOT designed as a stand-alone test preparation tool, but they can help in your knowledge of how to solve various calculations and charting questions.

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