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About Me

I'm Laura Laster, the passion and drive behind The Aviation Vault. I created this website because I wanted to share information I have been learning through the course of my aviation career. 

I work in flight training as an assistant professor of aviation and enjoy working as an aircraft dispatch course instructor, flight instructor, academic advisor and coordinator at LeTourneau University. I have published the following peer-reviewed articles related to aviation:

History of aircraft dispatchers in the United States: Improving safety. Collegiate Aviation Review International, 41(2), 119–144. Retrieved from

It is my sincere hope that by creating The Aviation Vault, I will allow more people to understand the importance of the people behind airline safety and operations. I love it when people get excited about learning new information, and that's my goal with developing The Aviation Vault.

For more educational videos about airlines, aircraft dispatchers, aviation, and information, subscribe to my YouTube channel - Aviation 101 with Laura! It's full of quality content to help you understand a variety of aviation topics.

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